When I was introduced to Alexander Youth Network by a dear friend, I was immediately impressed by the warmth of the campus and the amount of care that each person took with these kids. While I have lived in Charlotte for many years, I really had no idea what this place was beyond the “Alexander Children’s Home” that I had heard of from time to time. What I found was so much more.
Healing these kids is a legacy 125 years in the making, since Alexander opened its doors as a rescue mission for women and children in 1888. Last year, Alexander served more than 7000 children with significant emotional and behavioral challenges.
For such complex problems, the therapies are seemingly simple. It may look like our therapists are playing a basketball game with our kids, but they’re actually building healthy, trusting relationships. It may just look like drumming, but those beats are resetting the unregulated rhythms of a child’s brain and creating a calming effect. It may look like playing with a pet, but we’re teaching kids empathy.

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- Tiffany Eubanks-Saunders, Board Chair


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