Mentor/Mentee Activities

If the child has some developmental issues due to early childhood trauma, she may not be able to do a lot of cognitive or relational activities.  Parallel play will be more comfortable than cooperative or competitive play.  Be prepared with plenty of ideas to fill your time, since often attention spans are short.  We encourage our meal buddies and recreation volunteers to find out what the child enjoys, what entertains him, what would help his development or what soothes him.  Put together an activity kit just for that child.  Each time you visit, the child can select an activity from the kit.  Change the contents often.Or come to the volunteer services offices and check out our activity supplies.   Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Aromatherapy – put together a guessing game with soap, candy, candle, lemon, etc.

Blow bubbles – find a recipe at

Sing instructions to the child

Fix hair

Hand Rhythms

Watch a movie

Read, read, read!

Read comics

Play with stuffed animals

Do yoga breathing exercises together

Read a book of jokes together

Lead cheers together

Sing camp songs

Paint fingernails, use hand cream

Knitting & Crocheting

Recycling Crafts – make a purse from an old pair of jeans, teach felting

Cross Stitch

Make your own play dough

Make holiday crafts


Do stamping, stenciling

Make jewelry



Straw painting, finger painting, water colors

Cut out paper dolls

String beads


Lace cards

Play sports

Jump rope

Play jacks

Hike on the nature trails

Jog/walk/skip/gallop around the playground

Make a care package for a soldier

Leave surprises for staff

Hold hands and walk

Play follow the leader

Make a card for a friend or family member

Teach solitaire

Play Go Fish

Read skits or plays

Make CD of Child’s Favorite Songs – sing together

Tell funny stories

Art journal together

Make a life book


Make a list of all the nature noises you can hear – or draw them

Plant flowers and bulbs on campus, care for them

Ride bikes

Have a picnic

Sidewalk Chalk

Learn to bake - make snack for classroom or cottage

Outings to library, park, children’s museum, lake, uptown, sporting events, street fairs, etc.

Photography – take pictures of campus, make a scrapbook about AYN

Volunteer Activities

Mentors for youth served by our On Ramp program provide community-based outings. We’ve provided mentors the following list of ideas about things to do with a teenager or young adult.
For current happenings in the Charlotte area, visit the following links:
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