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The mission of Alexander Youth Network is to provide quality, professional treatment to children; irreplaceable components of such therapy are love, affection, and compassion. Each year, Alexander serves over 7,600 children with, or at high risk of, serious emotional and behavioral problems often induced by some form of trauma. A majority of the “kids of Alexander” come from low-income homes, some are separated from their natural families, and many live in the care of therapeutic foster parents.

While we are reminded of our many blessings around the holidays, this time of year can feel very lonely and hopeless for the kids in Alexander’s programs. As a community, we are called to help those in need, especially our children.

Angel Network, Alexander’s largest annual in-kind gift collection, needs your help. Through this wonderfully rewarding holiday project, businesses, organizations, clubs and individuals have an opportunity to help make the season a little brighter for someone in need. Toys, games and books are often on the holiday wish list from our kids, but we also request donations of necessities such as winter jackets, boots, and sweaters. Through your generosity and kindness, the kids of Alexander will have a reason to smile this winter.


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Children Served:

Children 5-17 years of age:

  • 60% have experienced some form of abuse
  • 50% are clinically depressed
  • 95% are living in poverty
  • 80% are in the custody of their biological parents, adoptive parents or relatives

 A typical Alexander child may demonstrate:

  • Physical aggression and difficulty regulating his or her emotions
  • Academic, speech and motor delays
  • Extreme non-compliance
  • Psychotic Disorders

Click here for our Holiday Gift List and learn how you can help a child in need today!

Every child deserves a great holiday...
Give the gift of a smile!





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